The crisis is in full swing and we have not yet learned to optimize our actions, preferring to dress in the polish and try to sell them at a slightly inflated price. It’s been past times when the inflated prices were selling because the market grew eye-catching and because the commercial was the one that took the eyes and the comfort that does not let us see anything else.

Now the consultant has to learn to rate the information and throw the informational ballast by handing the correct information to the client and the price where demand and supply can form the market.

A big problem is that price fears and buyers and sellers, which cause them not to analyze a mature and savvy transaction, preferring to lose customers only, can only grow the market and catch a cannon as in the good days

At such times, firms employing consultants need to sort out their staff and invest in those who, in the long run, offer the prospect of good sellers. The romantic time was over, in which everyone was good at selling. It is time for the sales market to educate and impart confidence in the market. And here we are talking about a wide range of domains, from real estate, loans, interest or insurance accounts, to forex financial investments or classical scholarship.

Some tips for the consultant in full crisis:

The solvable customer has a priori. When you put yourself into a transaction, you need to deliver the viable information to the client who has liquidity. A satisfied customer is PROMOTING for other prospective customers

Leave a comment – Do not take value judgments about a product without having tried or read about it, or without having seen it. The person in front of you may know what it is and “read you”. And then you’re a “weak salesman” in his opinion

Triasses sales products – It’s good that the product you sell is a stable market, otherwise you risk losing time trying to sell an unsafe product

Otherwise, it is all about your ability as a salesperson to “guess” market trends and to meet them faster or more efficiently than the competition. Or (in a growing market like ours), where it came with imperfect solutions to come up with improved ones!