To our aid, some time ago, a group of mountain and nature lovers have put the mountains of law on the paper, after long discussions and opinions about what does include moving mountain or in the nature???

These mount laws or “elaborated” for a very good reason. Those who do not respect at least one of them may end up in an unpleasant and life-threatening situation. Even though some of these worldwide laws seem banal, funny or rueful, by some of those who go to MOUNTAIN or IN NATURE, LOVE YOU !!!

No munitions happen a victim, you will not happen the mouth’s laws.

Some tips on how you behave on the mountain:

1. Do not travel on the mountains alone.

2. Always made only with correspondent equipment, specifically.

3. It’s totally contraindicated to avail through immediate tracks.

4. Mountain tourism is incompatible with alcoholic beverages.

5. At mountain you must know what, why and when to many

6. Super device of mountain lovers: All For One And One For All !!!

7. When you meet people on mountain , you will give him the salute !!!

8. On the mountains do not talk more,  do not yell, do not make big noise.

9. Who loves the mountains must protect them.

10. Do not deteriorate tourist bookmarks or other board  guidelines.

11. Alpine refuges or cabins are saint mountain location for a mountaineer.

12. When you get to a mountain chalet note in the tourism circulation evidence register: : the place from where you were (with the group or as a individual tourist),  where you fall the future calatory stage and the route that you follow.

13. The internal rule of each house should be respected with strictets.

14. Circulate only on the marked patterns.

15. In the winter the mountains are covered by the back, the avalans are present in everey day.

16. The beginners in the mountains must going  with experienced people in mountain ascensions.

17. When a chalet worker, a group of tourists or a salvamont team suports to help any people at the time or to prevent a nursery, anything must deal with chemarians.

18. It’s obligatory for any tourist guide or group leader to help with the tips and indications or savings.

19. The code of dangerous signaling, including the request for chemistry in help, must be known and incorporated by all mountain tourists.

20. The mountain tourist is well to know how to give the first medical asssitance in need.