Search engine optimization appeared in the 1990’s. SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization, which means: search engine optimization. People who practice this profession are called SEO specialists.

This specialization includes a set of tasks performed by a promotion team to increase the visibility of a web project while still searching for certain keywords or phrases. The goal of any business is to rank in the top 3 places on google for certain keywords. Studies have shown over time that these are the positions that bring in sales.

Optimization is a continuous process in which the information is updated so that your site ranks as high as possible on the important keywords in your field of activity. The information analysis strategy is the most important in the fight against the search algorithm. A correct strategy can position your results pages as high as possible. The ultimate goal is to get on the first page on the first 3 positions.

SEO Optimization In Two Steps

On-Site Optimization

Promotional measures are applied directly to a particular page and are dependent, but are largely influenced only by the SEO team.

Examples are: carefully writing your title and description, eliminating errors, increasing upload speed, image processing, optimizing URL structure and internal links, moderate use in advertising, and so on. In general – the realization of the visitor experience.

Off-site Optimization

The promotion is not directly related to the SEO team, but to the collective will of the Internet. This intention starts with a goal about the quality of the site – the search engines actually find measurable signals about the relevance and importance of the site in relation to the search under investigation.

These signals refer to the values ​​of quality, performance and popularity, and the examples can be used: the number and quality of links on the analyzed page, the number of social interactions (Facebook like, share, comment, tweet, +1, etc.).

The context in which the citations are, the credibility and authority of the sources, the global and local volume of keyword searches, etc.

Thanks to the huge potential of e-commerce – shortly after it appeared in search engines, so-called “spammers” appeared – those who practiced immoral manipulation or show practical ratings to create illegal SEO quality scores.

These techniques may work in the short term, but experience has shown that search engines are constantly battling online spam and constantly removing potential “holes” from the system. At the same time, they have published official documents describing the “Webmaster’s Guide to Conduct”, which are moral, legal, permitted and recommended promotion techniques that every website owner should consider.

Failure to comply with these policies may result in penalties for the site or even permanent removal from the database.

Risk-based SEO Optimization Techniques

White Hat SEO

Promotion corresponds exactly to the principles proposed or recommended by search engines. The techniques adopted aim at a positive experience for visitors, but not directly increase the positions on the pages with the following search.

Black Hat SEO

The purpose of promotion is to manipulate the search engine with the perception of the quality (relevance and importance) of the site.

Examples include excessive use of keywords in site titles and content, hidden words behind images, and providing a variety of content to human visitors and search engines. on the web, shopping for links or social interactions, over-optimizing anchored text, adding a large number of pages without page value content.

Gray Hat SEO

A combination of the two above, where, even if moral standards are met, some practices are still debatable and can be discovered and approved in the long run.

Finally, with the development of the Internet, the idea of ​​SEO has evolved to include additional branches that will lead to more traffic to the site from any source, not limited to organic search (natural and free search results).

What is not SEO?

In connection with the above, it can be said that SEO is not just about good content or just about optimizing the internal elements of the site. Search Engine Ooptimization does not mean maneuver, because it is not magic, but rather – a harmonious combination of science, poetry and magic. The point is, SEO is never boring. Not only that. Instead, a sport in which the level of satisfaction is superlatively won and “resources” when you lose.

SEO – A Myth Or Reality?

So where does science end and where does magic begin? Google officials have repeatedly said that the best SEO approach is “removal”, which is not SEO, but is it true? This does not seem to be in line with the famous saying: “Business without advertising is like seeing a woman in the dark.

You know that, but there is another way – no. Another rule recommended by search engines is: “Advertising, promotion and optimization should be designed and implemented in a way that search engines do not. But the temptation is sometimes overwhelming because you always think you are the smartest and underestimate the hundreds of smart.

Who knows the scale and can control it – wins. Who does not have – does not have. It’s simple and it’s the line between science and SEO magic.

Returning to the surplus, science involves performing repetitive and documented operations, such as:
Analyze a keyword, prioritize it by search volume, and model content by it. Analyze the competition and see the benefits of the improved options.

Fixed a technical issue, such as Flash pages, non-indexable or hard-to-index content, enhanced Javascript effects, hidden pages behind verification, and more.

Instead, magic and poetry refer to the creative (and often dangerous) part, in which the techniques are taken from creative and original ideas, very well adapted to the situation of an optimized site.

Sacrificing some positional factors in favor of others with the risk of falling into the pages with search results, but also with the ability to climb a lot.

Professional management of “numbers”. The method is not only mathematical, but also “visionary”. Draw conclusions and make decisions based on public or private data collected from multiple sources.

Emphasis on detail, perfectionism and dignity – often the most important aspects of daily work. It aims to offer the best services, based on love and the idea of ​​building something better, in the spirit of fair competition.

SEO is often about balancing and compromising between a natural start and a well-deserved start. Includes good resource management and priority efforts. It is an added value. It’s about happiness.

At the other end of the spectrum are illegal methods of manipulation. I ask you – then a site with an uncertain future, full of risks and negative emotions – is it better to direct your efforts in a creative and moral sense, to create a very good site, which Google needs first Is it worth it?

Who needs SEO services ?! Everyone!

In digital marketing, there are always new trends, platforms, communication channels, which seem to help you reach potential customers more easily.

Search engine optimization, ie SEO, appeared more than 20 years ago and continues to be one of the constant concerns of any business that wants visibility in the online environment.

As in many other industries, there are many misconceptions about search engine optimization, and probably the biggest one is that SEO no longer exists or does not work. Many even say that it is not worth the time and investment, because it is a somewhat confusing activity, in which there are no clear standards.

Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly in SEO. Either because of inefficient strategies or because of poor quality services, they have had no results and consider that SEO is not a profitable marketing channel for their business.

One thing is for sure: what was going on years ago doesn’t work the same way, whether it’s email marketing, social media, branding, much less SEO. For example, if in the past online visibility could be increased by buying links to irrelevant sites or by creating articles written for the sake of search engines and posted on obscure blogs, now SEO has undergone a transformation.

Google has eliminated all those light but incorrect tactics that fooled users, and turned SEO into a more complex activity, in which quality and consistency are the ones that pay off.

In conclusion, whether you choose to hire a specialist or an SEO agency, optimizing your site is a priority, as long as you plan to reduce your investment over time, while your results continue to grow.