I remember the cat scared I was 2 years ago when I heard from the family doctor the term colitis treatment. I do not know details about the condition called colitis, but it was a cold thaw. It was like when I was a kid and I heard stories with monsters, the biggest friends who had the joy of diary, and asleep scared to strangle my mother in my arms. I wanted to be back in her warm arms again.

But the responsible person in me was not too busy and I fled to ask about colitis and especially about colitis treatment. I was very lucky with the internet pages and good physician buddies I am. I understand the following:
– Fermentation colt (because I had this) is an inflammation of a thick intersting. It can not be associated with a single cause. And, in general, causes are multiple and are the most common in today’s modern society – diet, stress, fatigue, s.a.m.

– In principle, the most common solution in the treatment of colitis is the diet. And for fermentation colitis it will be a normal caloric, if the weight of the individual corresponds to age, sex and waist. If the patient is below normal limits (cases of meeting due to restrictions that an autoimmune suffer as a result of a miscarriage or a wrong diet made too prolonged.) Normal intake of carbohydrates, except for cellulose and some flour. Because they ferment easily, in the colon, it will be preferred red, rice, grainy and, to a lesser extent, mamaliga

These are the things I have read and informative. But to follow, I followed my counselor’s advice first. The research I did before arriving at him to do my courage and to prepare me for what will follow. And I advise you to do the same, because there are many traps of this treatment.

You want a lot of health for everyone and you will be very impressed with the impressions or recommendations of your experiences or those who are close to you!