It is one of the least difficult tasks. You should go to Settings, Account Settings, Security at that point pick Deactivate my Account. In the event that you pick this alternative, Facebook won’t become acclimated to feeling that you are missing and will extort you with sends that your companions miss you.

In any case, impairing a record does not mean erasing it. Truly, timetable will vanish, you won’t approach your portable record, companions can not reach you, and you will lose access to outsider administrations for which you have enrolled utilizing your Facebook account. Whenever handicapped, Facebook does not erase your record. Why? All things considered, in light of the fact that it allows you to reactivate it later.

To totally erase your record, you should go to the Delete my Account page through You should comprehend that in spite of the fact that you erase the record information and afterward erase it totally, certain posts will remain on the Internet, particularly on the off chance that you imparted them to different clients. For instance, on the off chance that you have remarked on posting somebody, you will remain there directly in the wake of erasing your record. A portion of your posts or photographs will likewise stay dynamic for up to 3 months.

As we as a whole know, the law does not permit those younger than 13 to have a record on this informal organization. In the event that Facebook finds that the client is in reality under 13 years of age, they will erase the record without advising anybody.

On the off chance that you need to tell Facebook that you know somebody who is under 13 and is on Facebook, you can complete a report by following the connection underneath:

On the off chance that you have a relative or companion who never again has a therapeutic condition to utilize Facebook, is never again in full attitudes, or has whatever other restorative issue that is inconsistent with informal organizations, you can request that Facebook close your record by following the connection lower. It takes a therapeutic letter or a report to demonstrate that.

On the off chance that a client kicks the bucket, a companion or relative can take control of the record in the event that he or she names them by a “heritage contact”. For this, you require the passing endorsement.