What dependably lifts up us, presenting to us the best bliss, is love. When we are enamored, we feel light, kind, prepared to extend our wings to fly in trip with the heavenly attendants. Inside us, an undisguised voice plays withered heaven. This adoration is the main fortune to be spared. For when crossing the world, what articles would we be able to take with us ?! All the work done to get the vaporous delights of the world (cash, houses, benefits) just delivers ruins at those circumstances. We take with us just the spirit, advanced by the long and splendid pearl of affection, which edifies it and aides it, close by our dear, undetectable gatekeeper, blessed messengers.

The main thing that liberates is love, since it is baffling, it shows up where it isn’t modified, giving the entire “reason” to the other side. The person who cherishes the jail dividers can not close it, for it has a place with a head having the establishment in paradise. Not to death is the person who adores, but rather just to the propensity that has the ability to suffocate the spirit in obscurity. Love is valuable and innovative, it joins together, stirs and hoists. Love adjusts everything that is bursting and forlornness, breaks the dividers of partition amongst individuals, and clears a path for the light. Love is ceaseless extension in time everlasting and combination with unendingness. The one reaches amongst us and the undetectable world, getting heavenly attendants tunes with us.

The profundity of affection likewise shapes the order of heavenly creatures. These chains of importance are a piece of the heavenly request. Any progressive system includes reverberation with specific parts of the holiness. All creatures with comparative vibrations are a piece of a similar chain of command. They try to the similarity to the Divinity and rise, in extent to the idea of illumination they get. The Spirit of God being something great, culminate, imparts from its own particular light to each being, straightforwardly corresponding to the desire of that being, and consummates it by divine secret, changing it marvelously.

Here is the manner by which the objective of chains of command is, however much as could reasonably be expected, to stir and after that to enhance the celestial viewpoints more in the being, to achieve association with God, having Him as a guide in the profound way. The heavenly chains of command duplicate the hallowedness and tranquility of God, each to a specific degree, consummating the creatures to which they are heading, changing them into unadulterated mirrors, brimming with the sparkling light of the awesome light, ready to enlighten thusly the subsequent stages. The request of orders comprises in the way that a few creatures are decontaminated, others refine; some are lit, others are light; some are the ones that impeccable, others are flawless; that is the reason it has a place with each being having a place with a chain of importance the obligation to end up like God, obtaining everlasting satisfaction.

Higher orders are the ones that educate the lower ones, and the lower ones are available to picking up the lit up awareness, helped by the higher ones. Inside a chain of command, a similar thing happens: the most hoisted ones light up the least, and they get cheerfully the awesome lessons. A definitive objective is the achievement of heavenly bliss, brimming with everlasting light, consummate. It is immaculateness, illumination and flawlessness. It is the primordial and finish inception of all being, the reason for presence. Each progression of the various leveled arrange ascends, as per its rank, to being unified with God, culminating through the beauty and intensity of God those things that are influenced known to us to remotely through them.

God, by His thoughtfulness by making the forces of things, called them to life. Every single existing thing, natural or inorganic, take an interest in the awesome shape that begins from God the Father.

Everything begins in the psyche of God. The fire of His craving breathed life into them; all lifeless take an interest in the interminable round of the world, in that they exist; energized creatures (plants, creatures) partake in the nurturing intensity of God; reasonable and profound creatures (men and heavenly attendants) take an interest in His absolute best and outright intelligence. That is the reason the pecking orders of grand creatures take an interest in divine fellowship to a more prominent degree than discerning or non-judicious creatures, and just things that have just presence. They are above all else finding the secretive piece of holiness. That is the reason it bears the name of the blessed messengers (the initial ones), in light of the fact that in them (the profound creatures of Heaven) the as a matter of first importance the celestial edification shone, and through them we have intervened with us, the general population, the discerning creatures, the disclosures past our capacity of learning.

Holy messengers have guided our ancestors to God; they have shown them what to do keeping in mind the end goal to be in concordance inside and out, they have driven them out of their missteps, directing them toward the honorable method for truth; clarified or uncovered, as distributers, some sacred laws or secretive dreams of superb puzzles or perfect predictions. Our predecessors were started into the information of God through the mediation of divine forces. All these are the blessed books all things considered: the Bible, the Torah, the Kabbalah, the Vedas, the Qur’an. There is no such book that does not discuss gatherings with heavenly blessed messengers or holy messengers who help or holy messengers who uncover high facts.

Rudolf Steiner lets us know in his book the otherworldly chains of command and their appearance in the physical world: “the groups of celestial creatures communicate in the planetary substance (the one that encompasses and inconspicuously saturates any planet-ether), a position of preference for their indication.” What it is?! Before, individuals with perceptiveness have seen progressive layers beginning from the earth, each surpassing in nuance (with a higher vibrational recurrence) the lower one. These circles, which take after the circles of the planets, shape progressive ovals around the earth, up to the belt of the fictions (groups of stars).

In this way, through perceptiveness, individuals could consider two appearances of the one reality: the astral (the planet), the eyes of the body; in particular the other-worldly elements of the unobtrusive circle, with the eyes of the soul. Feeling living and taking in this universe as a living life form, feeling the development of the planets in their appendages, their cadence in the course of the blood, the superbness of the settled stars in the focal point of the psyche, individuals perceived how the unpretentious substances mix in the astral that is the piece of clothing. The degree could be followed from the substances nearest to the earth, holy messengers, to cherubim and seraphim.

Since the words express the profound existence of the chains of importance, inestimable advancement is the entire story of this life.

The beginnings of the universes, their beginning, the progressive event of the planets, are crafted by the chains of command. The laws of advancement are most felt at the base of the divine pyramid, in the lower chain of importance, and particularly in people. They act with much more noteworthy weight on the substandard kingdoms of man: creature, vegetal and mineral.

There is a request in every chain of command and each lord, and the most elevated serve the least, as starts and rulers, to gravitate toward to God, to light and to fellowship with Him.

The saintly elements that shape the sub-par radiant chain of importance, the lower set of three, are holy messengers, lead celestial hosts and ancestors (or archeoi).

The second pecking order incorporates: the forces, the forces (and ethics) and the rules. These are substances fit for giving more, not just an entire arousing at the level of the spirit, as in the third chain of command, yet additionally the disclosure of the Self, of the celestial start from them.

With respect to the primary chain of importance, it is at a pinnacle where the forfeit is the incomparable attestation of their being. Among them are: positions of authority, cherubim and seraphim.


Blessed messengers: Angels likewise allude to the “Forces of the Paradise without the Body”. Heavenly attendants are composed in some celestial request, or the Hierarchs of the Angels. The most imperative of these groupings is the one made by Dionysius Areopagitus in the fourth or fifth century in his book About the Heavenly Hierarchy.

In this work the creator mediated some uncertain entries of the New Testament, particularly Ephesians 6:12 and Colossians 1:16, to assemble a plan of three Hierarchies, Spheres and Triads of Angels, every Hierarchy containing three Orders or Groups. The Angel signifies “flag-bearer” or “sent” and this word communicates the idea of the radiant administration to men.


The Archangels: they are known as the considerable bearers of uplifting news, being the ones who have told the world the best and most transcendent of them. Their administration (as St. Dionysius the Areopagite says) comprises of the disclosures made to the prophets, the information and comprehension of the will of God that they get from the blessed messengers of the most astounding Cotes and which they announce to the slightest, in particular the Angels, and by these, . St. Gregory the Dialog says that the lead celestial hosts fortify men in confidence, enlightening their psyches with the light of the comprehension of the Gospel, and finding the profound secrets of confidence.


Beginnings/Archeoi: They are one of the heavenly attendants. Being loaded with divine power, they rapidly satisfy the will of the Most High and Almighty God, the solid and solid. They work incredible ponders and send the beauty of miracles to the holy people of God who are deserving of this blessing with the goal that they can do marvels, for example, mending of infections or forward-looking ones later on. Ideals help those in require and those overpowered by the weight of a dutifulness set upon them by somebody and bearing the shortcomings of the frail. This clarifies their names of “ideals”, for they fortify those in require. They additionally fortify men in persistence so as not to be dampened in torment, but rather to endure any barefaced, principled and humble hopelessness, expressing gratefulness for all God, the One who rules them for our great .

Bosses The Powers: Or the Masters are one of the saintly gatherings. They are so named on the grounds that, acting naturally free, they reign over the blessed messengers in the accompanying groups. In this way, they never again serve God for fear, as minor workers. They persistently serve Him eagerly and with satisfaction. They are the individuals who give God’s appointed natural expert the intensity of judicious government and savvy organization. They instruct individuals how to ace their faculties, how to comply with their interests and wants, how to make the body worker to the spirit, how to teach their will, and to defeat all allurements.


Forces: they bear this name since they have control over the malevolent, constraining the intensity of evil spirits, dismissing the allurements they have made to men, and keeping devils from hurting individuals as they wish. Forces reinforce the monkish life deserving of their profound battles and activities, guarding them, with the goal that they can not be denied of the Kingdom of Heaven. They enable the individuals who to battle with sins and interests to get away from the unclean considerations and badgering of the adversary, and to beat the shrewd one.


Words: They are one of the blessed messengers. They are consequently called on the grounds that they have expert over the heavenly attendants in the lower positions, controlling them to the satisfaction of the awesome rules. The organization of the whole universe, the great safeguarding of the considerable number of kingdoms and realms, the grounds and all people groups, countries and countries, is additionally depended to it, since each kingdom, country, individuals, for the entire nation, a gatekeeper and defender of the heavenly attendants’ . Moreover, as indicated by St. Gregory the Dialog, the administration of this other-worldly line additionally comprises in instructing individuals to remunerate every one of those with expert in the wake of calling every one. At last, the blessed messengers in this haze raise commendable men to put them in imperative positions, directing them not to get the power that these administrations convey to them for their respect and their own prestige, yet to respect God to spread and to additionally build His sacred eminence and to serve the benefit of all, and also the general needs of the greater part of His subordinates.


Seats and Thrones: They are the third gathering of God-bearing holy messengers, after seraphims and cherubim, purported by St. Dionysius the Areopagite. They remain before the One of the Heights and are called “Honored positions,” for these, as wise royal positions, are the Lord profoundly. They are not called “bearers of God” after His Being, but rather after Har and after the administration they perform, as St. Maximus the Confessor composes. Then again, the body of the Lord Jesus Christ is called “the conveyor of God” after the Being of God, since he was indissoluble brought together with God the Word Himself. Accordingly, the Thrones are “God-bearing” after Har, and in view of the administration they perform, what in a strange and invulnerable way implies that they convey God in themselves. Situated on Thrones in a way that the human personality can not comprehend, the Lord does His noble judgments, as per the expression of King David the Prophet: “You sit on the royal position, the person who judges equitably.” These holy messengers show in the principal the honesty of God; they serve His honorableness, lauding her and investing her with the intensity of the natural judges, helping the rulers and alternate rulers to make exemplary judgments.


Cherubim: those with numerous eyes are the second mist of the holy messenger order, after seraphim, remaining before the omniscient God in inexpressible light. They generally sparkle from the light of the learning of God, of His Wisdom and of the information of the riddles of God. The name “seraph” signifies “full understanding” or “sharing astuteness” in Hebrew, they are lit up, and subsequently, by cherubim, insight is transmitted to others, and the enlightenment of profound eyes is given to God’s sight and to get His intelligence. As it were, God “sits among the cherubim.” In the Old Testament, speaking to the superb secrets, the figures of the cherubim enhanced the asylum. Two gold seraphs were situated on the seat of leniency – the ark of the law – and the Lord addressed his kin among them (Exodus 25: 17-22). Figures of cherubim were woven on the window ornaments of the sanctuary.

Amid the formality of the devoted, the cherubim is singing, the adherents envisioning then the cherubim among whom the Lord stands.


Seraphim: those with six wings are heavenly attendants who are nearest to God (Isaiah 6: 2) and who, because of their closeness to the Lord, takes after the fire (Hebrews 12: 29; Daniel 7:19; Psalm 103: 4). Subsequently, they were likewise called Seraphim, which in Hebrew means on fire. They are excited with affection for the Lord and lead others and this adoration.