I’m an economist profession with a deformation of it. I studied Pascal, Fox Pro and high school many other programming systems. In any system, a clear scheme for operation is applied, and the system really works, otherwise the schematic will be revised until it reaches a functional scheme.
The jobs I’ve been through have put me in front of a system with poorly organized and poorly organized procedures. I understand that lack of procedures or non-observance hinder work and involve higher costs.

In a 20-year-old democracy we have not yet learned to structure our work so that it is simple to do and at no extra cost.

I remember the first job I left after 3 months when the procedures were missing or were violated all the time. The way you were asked to do your job was an inconsistent with the times I was living. Agent work involved moving on the field. Zelosi leaders said they had to set up a condo and at 8:00 it would be everyone in the company.

As I stayed there, I did not hear the figures. I have not heard of the productivity of the employees. It was the job of the State, but privately. There were circulars that respected in half, the bosses were trying to be authoritarian, but they did not carry the work to the end, the employees were saying they respected them. Neither the employer nor the employee respected the procedure established by the nature of the job.

In another job there were separate divisions that were biting between them. Instead of there being a communion between the existing projects in the company, each one tries to dig the next one by waving the sales figures under the nose. No one was analyzing the nature of the sale, they were all put on the same level, whether they were selling panties, stockings or black nails.

The procedure followed in the internal kitchen of your office relieves you of stress and explains in addition. Whoever does not follow the procedure is free to leave.

The problem is that you can not apply it as long as the hiring system does not involve a minimal shame from the employee to the relative who found a job. I understand you’re hiring yourself through an acquaintance, but it’s time to go on your own. Do not turn to the “benevolent” function to keep the office from letting you do what you want. An institution that does not respect its rules works from inertia. Inertia that is lost from time to time.

Do you want profit and peace in the company? Establish procedures and impose respect among employees. The employee who beats your belly with you will pull you into the chest through laziness.