We often notice in ourselves or in other customs or rituals (at home or at work) that we can not explain when asked WHY we are. That’s how we get used to and do them many times automatically. And although, in some cases, it would be easier for us, for convenience or laziness not to change our way of life, we do not think about them. Some of these habits are copied, conscious or unconscious from others, and that is why we have no answers or solutions when questioning their existence.
And yet why is it good or why should we have the problem of getting rid of them or changing them or making us more efficient?
Because they create a kind of addiction. And we remain, if you like, stick to these habits as vices (coffee, cigarettes, etc.) and we can not do without them at any given time. Plus some of them are “real hindrances”. The most eloquent example you can get from your own experience. 5 years ago I’ve been hired to work now. Well In the first year, we changed 3 office locations, because the company was growing. Well for both changes, I did not have the problem of changing my way of working. It was probably that old dictum in my mind – THE SHORTEST PATH IS THE KNOW YOU KNOW! And at some point, I think curiously, I said to try something else. And I shortened the time to work for about a quarter of an hour

Because doing this, we create a fertile ground for the acceptance of verbal tics or nerve tics, which do not give good at all in human relationships. They also create a kind of isolation bubble, the news (whether we are talking about new relationships or new chances)

Because such “revolutions of our own comfort” have sometimes made brilliant discoveries. You remember the story with Newton, the apple and the gravity of childhood. Or Newer: Inventive Inventions – Accidental Findings – Top 10 Accidental Inventions
Conclusion? Routine is the one that gives us some kind of warmth and safety, but it cuts our communication channels, creative ability or affective capacity. So if it’s still fashionable to get rid of vices like cigarettes, coffee or drink, let’s make a fashion and get rid of routine and its effects!